Happy birthday, Virginia Woolf!

I almost forgot that today is Virginia Woolf’s anniversary, I just got reminded of this when searching for The Common Reader essays on the web. Woolf was born on the 25th of January 1882, in London.

Ma vie avec Virginia Woolf? I’ve read most of her novels and essays in high school, they were recommended by my wonderful English teacher Mrs Rogoz. Among the novels, at that point of my life I liked Orlando best, it was such a good read at 16, when you’re cheerful and open to experience, you take your backpack and go wherever you want to, and you secretly fantasize about other girls; I’ll have to reread that, to see if in the meantime I’ve changed that much in terms of literary tastes. Actually, I should carefully read most of what this woman has written, maybe also force myself with The Waves which I never managed to read to its end, it was just so gloomy, so depressing, so much stream of consciousness. 

So I declare 2014 as Virginia Woolf year.